About Us Continued.....
Our First Show Dog..."Ashley"...Our First Champion
It all started when, my husband saw an adorable Keeshond puppy in a
pet shop. It was love at first sight. We knew from experience that we wanted to buy from a reputable breeder, so our quest began. We did a
lot of reading, a lot of calling, and finally found a breeder that was going to have a litter. It took us nine months to aquire Ashley. We thought we where going to be getting a pet companion, but my husband, said to the breeder, we want a good one. She said, "My show people have first priority" and he said, "Well my wife can show him"; and so Ashwood Keeshonden came into being.

Ashley was purchased from Kinderkees Kennel located in Washington State where we were living at that time; now in Oklahoma. Ashley had strong Jee Jac and Beorn lines. He was my first AKC Champion, my first Novice Obedience title, my childrens first Jr. Showmanship dog, my first thrapy dog, my best friend, companion and protector. I still see him smiling at me through his Great Grandchildren's eyes. He taught me to laugh at myself, and to enjoy and appreciate the fun of dog showing. He will always be missed. Aug 1984-Nov 1996